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Choice the burial place Choice the burial place it is an important process which inevitably faces everyone before whom there was a need to follow to the loved one's grave.
Orthodox funeral rituals When in the family the person died, quite explainable a desire of relatives to send his on final journey in due form.
Choice the monument on a grave Any person who has experienced loss of the close relative or friend seek to preserve fond memory about him. For this purpose on a grave of the dead the monument is established.
How to organize transportation of the dead in another city In life there can happen a situation when it is necessary to transport a body of the dead from one city in another. From this article you learn about how to deliver the dead's body from out of town.
How to behave at a funeral Death is the phenomenon which accompanies each of us throughout all life, and each of us is required to bury the relatives, friends and acquaintances.
What to tell at a funeral If you have to participate in a funeral of the relative, friend or acquaintance, it is quite possible that you will have a need to tell the funeral speech during the ceremony.
Funeral arrangements