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Choice the burial place


Choice the burial place it is an important process which inevitably faces everyone before whom there was a need to follow to the loved one's grave. In this article you will learn how to choose the burial place and what rights you do have by law.

According to the law, the place has to be free of charge provided to each citizen for burial of the relative. The area is provided in a place of registration of the dead.

For example, at Alabushevsky and Perepechinsky cemeteries in Moscow places are issued gratuitously. It is necessary to provide the certificate on death for receiving the place. On its basis the passport of burial will be documented. The area is given for two graves.

Besides, in Moscow free allocation of areas for the people having performed services for the country (combat veterans, participants of the Second World War, etc.) is provided. Areas provide to them also at a number of the closed cemeteries. For receiving the area it is necessary to address to Department of Trade and Services.

Under the law also perhaps related burial. It assumes burial in a grave of the close relative (the parent, the sister, the brother, etc.). The permission for it is granted in case from the moment of the last burial there passed more than 15 years. If term is observed, the administration of the cemetery is obliged to give an opportunity for burial of the person.

At last, the third option assumes purchase of the place at the cemetery. Let's emphasize: areas have to be provided free of charge, however if you want to choose the concrete area, you will need to pay administrations of the cemetery for provision of services. Actually you pay not only for the choice of the area, but also for its preparation, for example, an uprooting of stumps and bushes.

So, you have three choices:

  1. free place;
  2. related burial;
  3. seat selection at extra charge.

Remember that your relative will be buried in any case, so when selecting option we recommend to be focus on the financial capabilities of your family.

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Funeral arrangements