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Choice the monument on a grave


Any person who has experienced loss of the close relative or friend seek to preserve fond memory about him. For this purpose on a grave of the dead the monument is established. From this article you learn about the kinds of monument.

A several types of monuments is distinguished: classical, religious, childhood. The classical monumentis established on a graves of both men and females. The basis of such product is made by a rectangle which edges can be wavy or asymmetric. The photo is applied on the top part of a classical gravestone, also the monument has inscriptions in the form of a full name of the dead, date of life, an epitaph.

The religious monument,in turn, represents the gravestone designed in the best traditions of faith. So, for example, the monument established on a grave of the orthodox person can have the form of a cross which is located on a pedestal while the Muslim monument is quite often done in the form of a semicircular stele with the image of the mosque and a half moon. The photos usually are not placed on the religious monuments.

As for a children's monument, it is allocated among others with the special form. The monument of this type can be executed in the form of heart. Besides, the children's monument is often supplemented by a figure of a bear cub, butterfly or angel. Such monuments seem especially touching.

Depending on the used material the gravestone can be of several types: metal, granite and marble. The metal option is considered the cheapest. The marble monument looks more elegantly, however it demands a certain maintaining. As for a granite monument, its advantage is that it differs in strength and durability, however and the cost of a granite product is higher.

The material of a monument could be chosen depending on a sex, age and the dead identity. To children and women usually order marble monuments of light color while in the memory of the dead men most often put the gravestones from black or gray granite.

The cost of a monument depends on a type of material and complexity of its production. If the monument has the simple form and a minimum of decorative elements, the price of it will be low. All memorial complexes which include not only gravestones, but also other elements of design of a grave such as tiles, socles, curbstones, shops, etc., will be more expensive.

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