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How to behave at a funeral


Death is the phenomenon which accompanies each of us throughout all life, and each of us is required to bury the relatives, friends and acquaintances. From this article you learn about how the right way to behave at a funeral and what standards of conduct are accepted during the funeral processions.

On a funeral are showing up on time. To attend the funerals is worn modest clothesof gray or black color. You shouldn't come to the funeral in short skirts, shorts, hats with a pompom or in sweaters with bright prints. Women are forbidden to do makeup brightly. Close relatives put on clothes of black color, women also cover the heads with scarf.

In advance tactfully take an interest in how a funeral will be organized. Perhaps, it will be held according to religious ceremonies. Get acquainted with what rules are provided by faith, that during a ceremony not to make anything superfluous and inadmissible. So, for example, at Jews is not been adopted to lay a wreathes and flowers on a grave.

Before coming to a funeral, put phone on the silent mode. Having appeared near relatives of the dead, behave frostily, try not to speak too loudly and not to draw attention to yourself. If you well knew the dead, approach to his close relatives and express condolences. You should not speak much and long. As option, you can take the person by hand or weak to embrace him, but you should not be intrusive.

If you were not close with the dead, be guided on a situation. Anyway try to be unostentatious. Do not draw attention to yourself and do not bring upon the family excess trouble. You should not seek to be closer to a coffin to a body of the dead or to sit in the forefront which are intended for family members. "Burying your head" in social networks, doing photo and video filming will be indecent. If you feel uncertainty, keep behind other people and repeat after them what they do.

If you want to come to a funeral with children, in advance explain them an essence of an upcoming event. Tell children how they're to behave. In advance ask them not to be capricious, not to talk loudly, not to laugh and not to run. If children absolutely small, it is worth leaving them at home and to ask someone to look after them.

Traditionally close circle of the dead is located on the left side from a coffin, and friends and acquaintances — on right. The first family members, then all others put on a grave wreaths and flowers. At the end of a ceremony delicately take an interest at family members whether you can help something of. Remember that a funeral is an expensive process therefore useful will be to render to the dead's relatives feasible financial support.

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