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How to organize transportation of the dead in another city


In life there can happen a situation when it is necessary to transport a body of the dead from one city in another. From this article you learn about how to deliver the dead's body from out of town.

Before transporting body, it is necessary to choose suitable mode of transport. If the distance between the cities makes no more than 2 thousand km, it may be a need to order the car which is specially equipped for this purpose. In such car (catafalque) there is a podium for the seating of coffin, the air conditioner for cooling of air and the place for chaperones. Advantages of this mode of transport are the high speed of transportation and mobility.

Transportation of bodies by transport which is used to delivery of food and also cars with open boards is forbidden. The company which provides service of bodies transportation must have the license for passenger traffic.

More expensive option it is transportation of a body by plane. It should be chosen at long distance between the places of departure and of destination. By plane transport bodies when it is necessary to bring the dead to the hometown in the shortest possible time.

According to rules, on the plane it is allowed to transport bodies only in zinc coffins. The coffin is transported in the luggage compartment. It is loaded into the plane in 6 hours prior to a departure, and unloaded after an exit from salon of passengers.

Also if necessary the transportation on long distance are using the railroad. As is the case with the plane and the car, the transportation demands existence of allowing documentation by railway. The coffin is given in compartment of baggage in 3 hours prior to departure of the train.

For transportation of a body it is necessary to prepare the following documents:

  • medical examination (is given in a morgue);
  • the certificate of embalming (is given in a morgue);
  • the sanitary reference (it is made out by Rospotrebnadzor);
  • the certificate on death (it is necessary to take in MFC or the Registry Office);
  • the certificate of absence in a body of the dead and in a coffin of foreign objects (is given by the ritual agency);
  • the contract receipt on rendering funeral services (is given by the ritual agency);
  • tickets, the passport of the attendant (for railway and the plane).
If you need to organize transportation of a body of the person, you can make it independently or by contacting to the ritual service. The ritual service will give you psychological and technical support, it will help to issue and receive all documents, to find transport and carry out transportation of a body of the dead.
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