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Orthodox funeral rituals


When in the family the person died, quite explainable a desire of relatives to send his on final journey in due form. If the dead was the Orthodox, referred himself to the orthodox culture or his ancestors were the orthodox people, a funeral can be held according to the traditions and canons established by this religion. From this article you learn about the main rituals provided by Russian Orthodox Church.

The process of a funeral begins with ablution of the dead body. During this procedure use usual water, a soap and a sponge. The ablution symbolizes purity of spirit which will appear before the God. During ablution The Holy song is read. All that time while the deceased is at home, a lamp should burn in the room.

After ablution of the dead is dressed in new and clean clothes, put a cross on a neck, and the body is located in a coffin. Hands and legs of the dead is connected, herewith the right palm has to be over left. In the hands of the dead man Christ's icon is located, in the woman's hands — an icon of the Virgin Mary. The head is put on a pillow; the body is covered with a sheet. Within three days over a body the Psalter is read.

For the third day the canon about a soul outcome is read, and the body is transported to the temple where there is his burial service. When the burial service is finished, to the person put a paper nimbus on a forehead, the face is covered with a sheet, and the priest strews a body with the earth. The coffin is closed and taken out from the temple.

At the cemetery the coffin is dropped in a grave so that the head of the dead was in the east. The Father says a prayer, and each of participants of a funeral takes a handful of earth and throws it into a hole. If relatives wish to establish a cross on the grave, then it is positioned in the feet area of the dead person.

Thus, the funeral process according to Orthodox traditions consists of the following phases:

  1. burial service;
  2. vestment;
  3. the placing in the coffin;
  4. dirge;
  5. burial service in the temple;
  6. burial.

Observing this order, it is possible not only to say the last farewell to the dead with dignity, but also to facilitate the transition of his soul into another world.

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